From: U.S. Association for Entrepreneurship & Small Business – Best Emerging Program Description of Award The future of organizations like USASBE is dependent on the contributions / innovations of new member institutions (nascent entrepreneurship programs) that breathe vigor into programming. In order to incent new members, this award was created to recognize institutions or programs […]

From: Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) Description of Award Center dedicated creating, advancing, and enabling entrepreneurship education opportunities to broad or multiple audiences across campus. Opportunities may include academic programs, partnerships, collaborations, research, and outreach.

Creative Cross-Disciplinary Entrepreneurship Dianne H.B. Welsh, Ph.D. Description of Award Best Practices may include-but are not limited to: New entrepreneurial curriculum; New or innovative classroom delivery; Innovations in attracting and maintaining clients; Promoting entrepreneurship across the curriculum; Superior outcomes from existing programs, etc.. Website:

511      Silver Industries (3:3) Overview of the longevity economy and its influence on entrepreneurial opportunities. Case illustrations highlighted. Using the entrepreneurial business model, students explore opportunities, risks, and rewards in the silver industries market. In this course, students will explore the vast array of products being designed internationally for older adults (Japan, Korea, and Europe) […]

201 Creativity, Innovation, and Vision (3:3) Creativity and innovation is examined through an interdisciplinary lens. We examine how creative and innovative thinking gives us the vision to see opportunities and how they impact society. (Fall & Spring) (Same as BUS 201) 240 Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience (3:3) Introduction to the entrepreneurial experience including historical […]