Dr. Dianne H.B. Welsh, Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Founding Director of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program, and Founder and Inaugural Director Emeritus of the North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center at the University of North Carolina Greensboro won the Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) (http://www.globalentrepreneurshipconsortium.org/) at their national conference held virtually on October 29-30, 2020. GCEC also named Edward Roberts, Founder and Chair of the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship at MIT University as a Legacy Award winner. 

As Sherry Hoskinson, retired Director of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Center at University of Arizona said in her nomination, “The definition of this award could have been written to describe Professor Welsh, her accomplishments, and her unfettered drive to advance entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship learning, knowledge of entrepreneurship, and the organizations that provide the environments for the transfer of knowledge through teaching, research, service, mentoring, and leadership.”

Welsh’s distinguished record can be described in four main areas: 1. Launching three entrepreneurship centers and programs with limited resources. 2. Contributing to entrepreneurship education-both from a research as well as pedagogical approach-across campus. 2. Furthering the understanding of success for women entrepreneurs worldwide. 4. Generous, robust mentoring and training of others who deliver entrepreneurship education across the globe.

Reviewer Comments from 25 Center Directors Judging:
· Dianne’s long-term commitment to the field of entrepreneurship education is nothing short of very impressive and inspiring.
· She has built programs, launched centers, published research, served our professional organizations, and paved the way for women. Her commitment to serving students, other faculty, and our profession make her very deserving of this award.
· This vote recognizes Dianne’s impact at three entrepreneurial centers, her expertise in women entrepreneurship, and impressive career in research and teaching.