The Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows program ( extends self-employment education across 17 university and college campuses.  Faculty Fellows are typically professors from outside the school of business at their institution.  They engage in the development of courses and leadership of projects in support of entrepreneurship education on their campus, inspiring students in non-business disciplines to gain self-employment skills and experience.  For the 2012-2013 academic year, 49 Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows from departments all across campus will create new courses within their disciplines or modify existing ones to incorporate elements of self-employment education.

Dianne Welsh, Keith Debbage, Bonnie Canziani, Steve Cramer, and Noah Reynolds attended the Coleman Fellows Summit in Chicago, Illinois, August 11-13, 2016.

Pictured L to R:
Bonnie Canziani (Retired Summer 2022), Coleman Veteran Fellow, Hospitality and Tourism (MEHT)
Steve Cramer, Associate Director, Coleman Fellows Program and Veteran Fellow, Business Librarian, also co-teaches Feasibility Analysis and Export Odyssey (MEHT)
Noah Reynolds, Coleman Entrepreneur in Residence and teaches Feasibility Analysis (MEHT)
Dianne Welsh, Director, Coleman Fellows Program and Hayes Distinguished Chair (MEHT)
Keith Debbage, Coleman Veteran Fellow, teaches Urban Planning, a cross-listed course with ENT, also teaches Geography and Hospitality and Tourism

Coleman Summit group shot2   Coleman Summit Aug 2016

UNCG has been awarded Coleman Fellows grants since 2010. Dr. Dianne H.B. Welsh is the Program Director. The Coleman Fellows become members of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program Advisory Council. Please contact Dianne at (336) 256-8507 or for more information.

Began in 2015-16:

Keith Debbage, Professor, Department of Geography

Janice Wassel, Associate Professor,  Gerontology Department, Now Retired

Bonnie Yarbrough, Lecturer, Department of English

Began in 2014-15:

Sharon Morrison, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health Education
HEA 307 – Global Health

Donna M. Duffy, Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology
KIN 286 – Foundations of Coaching

Began in 2013-14:

Steve Cramer, Business Librarian, University Libraries
ENT/LIS/GEO/MKT 530 – Researching Opportunities in Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Bill Johnson, Student Success Coordinator, Office of Life Planning and Personal Development
ENT/HHS 250 – Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship

Cathy Hamilton, Director
Office of Leadership and Service Learning
ENT/ELC 404 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Community Leadership, Now Retired

Began in 2012-13:

Duane Cyrus, Associate Professor, Department of Dance
ENT/DCE 455 Entrepreneurial Career Strategies for Dance and Performing Artists

Christopher Thomas, Lecturer, Art Department
ENT/ART 276 Creative Space: The Meeting of Art and Entrepreneurship

Sheryl Oring, Assistant Professor, Art Department
ENT/ART 394 Advanced Studio Practicum: Art and Entrepreneurship

Began in 2011-12:

Bonnie Canziani, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism
ENT/HTM 354 Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Justin Streuli, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Living Learning Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Studies, and CEO Club Adviser
ENT/BUS 240 Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Experience

Began in 2010-11:

David Holley, Professor of Music
ENT/MUS 661 Entrepreneurial Career Development in Music

Cedric Pearce, Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry
ENT/CHE 615 Entrepreneurship for the Sciences

Stoel Burrowes, Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Architecture
ENT/IAR 321 Creativity, Design, and Entrepreneurship, Now Retired
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