The Council serves as an integral part of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program at UNCG and represents all 8 areas of the program: Creative Industries Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, Family Business Entrepreneurship, Franchising Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Science, Technology, and Innovation Entrepreneurship.

Faculty appointed to and serving on the ECDP Coordinating Council perform activities that may include but is not limited to:

  • Assisting the Director by making recommendations in all matters related to cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship curricula and policy,
  • Serving on ECDP committees or task forces,
  • Regularly teaching entrepreneurship cross-disciplinary courses,
  • Supervising students’ research or internships,
  • Serving as active liaisons to relevant campus and community programs and entities,
  • Actively advising and mentoring entrepreneurship majors and minors, and
  • Engaging in outreach and public relations activities for entrepreneurship cross-disciplinary programs.

The ECDP Coordinating Council Faculty consists of all Coleman Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellows in addition to those teaching entrepreneurship across campus or involved in entrepreneurship projects.

Members include:

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