CEO students at MEHT Gala, March 19, 2019, and Dr. Dianne Welsh

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) is a national organization with chapters at over 400 universities and colleges. The purpose of our chapter at UNCG is to inform, support and inspire students and our university community to be more entrepreneurial and start businesses. The UNCG CEO Club is sponsored by the Business Administration Department in the Bryan School of Business and Economics.

Entrepreneurship at colleges and universities is a rapidly growing field. UNCG is a global leader in Entrepreneurship, winning the U.S. Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Award for the academic Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program in 2012 and the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship across the Curriculum in 2011.

With the award-winning academic entrepreneurship program and the state of the U.S. economy, it is more important than ever to give students the opportunities entrepreneurship offers. The CEO Club gives students the chance to network not only with their student peers, but with successful entrepreneurs in the business world and promote entrepreneurship at all levels and in all environments.

Here’s the link to the Entrepreneur Personality by Dr.Diane Welsh, Entrepreneurship Program Founder:

 UNCG CEO Club and Entrepreneurship as a Career PPT

November 2, 2018

National CEO Meeting in Kansas City, MO

Club Calendar Fall 2018:

CEO Club Fall 2018 Calendar for ECDP Web Site

2017-2018 Officers

Maddison Strausbaugh, President, and W. Noah Reynolds, CEO Co-Adviser at CEO Regionals, Feb. 2018

President: Maddison Strausbaugh
Vice-President: Jordan Newkirk
Secretary: Shay Artis
Treasurer: Matt Kerr

Group Photo – CEO Tampa National Conference


CEO Tampa Photos

Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO) National Conference, Tampa FL Oct 26-28, 2017

CEO Nationals 2017 – Quotes and Chapter Development Suggestions

A Special Blend, ENT./BUS 300 Feasibility Analysis Team, fall 2017, Dr. Dianne Welsh

Oden Brewery Event Center, ENT/BUS 300 Feasibility Analysis Team, fall 2017, Dr. Dianne Welsh