Kevin Payne-Entrepreneurship Success Story

UNCG entrepreneurship program provided me with a very rewarding experience because of the access to Greensboro entrepreneurial ecosystem. Growing up I had an unstable childhood but I was determined to not my past dictate my future. Serendipity led me to meeting Dianne Welsh which inspired me to major in Entrepreneurship.
As far as classes the most impactful part of majoring in entrepreneurship was being involved in the CEO club, the mentorship program with Troy McConnell, and attending guest lectures featuring local entrepreneurs from the community.
I’m very practical so all the courses were very appealing because of the real world experience. Especially in ENT 300: Ideas to Opportunities: Feasibility Analysis where I got to work on Mobius Slip which was a tech startup founded by Eric Ford who’s a UNCG professor. The course really confirmed my desire to do digital marketing for tech startups as well.
Some key individuals that impacted the trajectory of my professional career due to UNCG entrepreneurship program include Dianne Welsh, Justin Streuli, Sam Funchess and Troy McConnell.
I started a career as an inbound marketing consultant back in 2011 (ended up interning with Troy McConnell and he introduced me to my first marketing client Julie Luther) and recently partnered with HubSpot. My experience at UNCG has allowed me to work at ecommerce companies ( which does over 500K website visits per month) in Washington, D.C. all the way to tech startups in silicon valley ( Currently I’m running my marketing agency full time and writing for multiple online publications such as Blavity and Influencive where I interview tech startup founders.

My article on Blavity:

Kevin Payne


Anna Sullivan – The Creative Exchange

While attending UNCG and participating in the CEO club I was able to connect and meet with businesses and entrepreneurs who helped jumpstart my freelance career in social media marketing. While in school and after graduating, I was working in my desired field and after one year I launched my business. A year and a half after that I was able to go full time and now have a team of people working alongside me, building my business. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the push and connections I made in school

Anna Sullivan
Ph: (252) 373-0466
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Clifford Waddell – Autism Parenting Magazine Article

Hi everyone!
I hope this message finds you all well. I always say that I’ll keep you posted.
Savannah Bowen (2017 Greensboro College grad) and myself wrote an article on PinPoint Smartwatch to be featured in Autism Parenting Magazine. The August issue has been published and was released this morning. Our article can be found on page 61.
Here’s the link for this month’s issue,
A copy is attached for anyone that would like to download a copy.
APM Issue 65

Kind Regards

Co-Lab Internship: Hannah Winslow, Entrepreneurship major,Fall 2016


I learned from people who had already started businesses, and I got to see firsthand what kind of stuff they learn in the process, like how to make a great pitch, how to promote on social media, tax information. I also learned to better communicate with the entrepreneurship community, and that there’s a whole sect of people more than willing to help anyone in their entrepreneurship endeavors here in Greensboro. It’s on Greene St. in downtown near the Elon Law center




 Clair S Rowe : ENT Major, graduated Dec 2013

Clifford Waddell PortraitSince  graduating from the Bryan School of Business, I have become a licensed Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Yost & Little Realty out of Greensboro, NC. Launching a career in real estate is more like launching a new venture than I could have imagined. I’m so thankful for my time in the entrepreneurship program at UNCG, as it taught me the importance of drafting a plan from the outset. Additionally, the entrepreneurship program elucidates the relationships between core business aspects, like marketing, operations, and financials and how you can effectively manage their relationships in your own business to produce success.

Clifford E. Waddell, III: UNCG Entrepreneurship Alumni starts high tech watch company with cousin.

ENT 300: Ideas to Opportunities: Feasibility Analysis

Clifford Waddell PortraitClifford E. Waddell, III, is currently working at ON24 as a Sales Support Specialist. He provides support to 15 account executives and assists one of the east coast business managers.

He is also involved with Hyatt Global Technologies, a tech start-up watch company his cousin started in 2010.HGT developed a GPS tracking and communication device that is in the form of a wearable (wrist watch), all of which the company owns the patents for. The product is targeted towards families affected by autism, dementia, and/or Alzheimer’s, so that when the individual affected wanders off, family members can easily locate them.

Naomi Thomas: Computer Science and Entrepreneurship double major.

ENT 338: Franchising, Spring 2014

Naomi Thomas Photo4“Currently I am an IT intern at Noregon Systems, Inc. in Greensboro.  I am also working on a startup by the name of ResuWeb. My team placed 3rd at the Elon 2014 Startup Weekend.” Naomi hopes to expand her business in the Entrepreneurship classes.


James Parker-Ashley: Kinesiology Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

ENT 450: Directed Business Practice, Fall 2012

James Parker-Ashley

“This course gave me the opportunity to work for a business that gave me experience doing exactly what I planned on doing with my life. Thanks to Dr. Welsh, I became an intern at ABSolute Fitness NC in the Fall semester of 2012 for this course where I was introduced to the world of being an entrepreneur and independently owning a fitness center. This was truly an eye opening experience for me where I learned something new every day, and was able to see every dimension of owning a business. Upon graduation I became a full time member of the ABSolute Fitness NC team and have been changing lives ever since.”

Megan Christy: Drama Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

ENT 335: Entrepreneurial Finance, Spring 2013Megan_Christy

“The SEA conference has helped me network my passion with my fellow artists. This is especially helpful to me because I’m inspired by how other people use their art to define themselves and become successful entrepreneurs in our community. Working with a digital magazine called ‘Hennen’s Observer,’ we focus on the here and now of art and all the different forms it takes. We like to feature poets, writers, singers, actors, filmmakers, and comedians from around the Triad who are making a difference in what they love to do best.”

Caylor Williams: Pan American Games Bronze Medalist: Greco-Roman Wresteling

ENT 200: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance

Caylor Williams

One thing that I found useful coming out of ENT 200 is the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). I believe that an athlete should learn to evaluate his performance in the same way financial advisors evaluate the health of a business. I even went as far as to teach the kids I coach how to do their own SWOT analysis.
I think ENT 200 has given me my first taste and a deeper understanding of what it takes to own a business. I think wrestling and business have a lot in common in the aspect that you get what you put in.

Andrew Parker: UNCG Basketball

ENT 300: Ideas to Opportunities: Feasibility Analysis
Company: Imperial X Empire

Andrew Parker

This course was very beneficial to my business, Imperial X Empire. Dr Welsh thoroughly taught us how to develop a very sound feasibility/business plan. I applied the skills and techniques that I developed over the duration of the course to my very own business. I was able to determine if my business was feasible, budget my finances, and predict further actions through the help of this course.





Woody Cavenaugh, UNCG IT Analyst, Utilizes Spartan Trader to Expand Sale of Famous BBQ Sauce

Company: Delwood’s Barbecue, LLC.


Working with The Spartan Trader has allowed me to reach a very diverse population I would never be able to reach without a national distribution sized budget. The Spartan Trader has given me exposure to a diverse population while still allowing me to work within the constraints of being a one man operation working full time at the university.  By being closer to my client base I can hear and respond to to client’s desires. For instance, I assumed my second product line would be a hot version of my recipe. While that demand exist, the greater demand has been for a milder version.


Ivy Rutledge, ENG/ENT 535: Entrepreneurship and Independent Press Publishing

The Friendly Naturalist is a community nature journal.

My idea for such a journal crystallized as I incorporated into my class project the advice ofguest speakers who shared stories about their own career paths and ventures.

The SEA conference catalyzed the project by offering affirmation and advice from experts
such as sculptor Jim Gallucci, who emphasized the importance of collaboration.

Marilynn Barr is Raising Roofs and Breaking Glass Ceilings

She fulfills her dreams and continues her studies as a Design and Spanish Major with a minor in Entrepreneurship.
Encouraged by UNCG professors and staff, Barr’s work-a 49.5” x 39.5” collage-was chosen (a first) for exhibition at the Center for Visual Artists, “REACT,” 2012 All Member Juried Exhibition.

On August 29th, 2012, Marilynn published her new line of children’s books in both, English and Spanish to the Kindle Store. Just over one week later,  she followed up with the publication of another eBook, Re-Raising Aida-Crossing the Bridge Over Dementia.

Her advice to Entrepreneurship students for success:

Step outside of your comfort zone, reach out for guidance, and develop a stick-to-itiveness. These are keys to every dream.

Michelle Broadnax: Media Studies Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

ENT 337: Family Business Fall 2012

Title: President
Company: Harnax, Inc.

The most demanding situation I ran into within my own family business was developing appropriate communication and connection strategies. The combination of approaching Dr. Welsh with these concerns and working closely with the course assignments have kept my cousin and I on the same page.


Debra Sea, MFA Film Video Production

ENT 605: Venture Opportunities and Plan Class Fall 2010

Title: Chief Operating Officer/Medical Media Producer.

Company: Blackwing Media Group.

ZuZu Media is a division on Blackwing Media Group. ZuZu Media develops online pediatric
focused healthcare videos that use story and humor to educate patients and caregivers.

We brought a complex, ground-breaking, innovative product from business caseto launch in a very short time frame with limited resources.Our product was extremely well received at the American Academy of Dermatology National meeting in March of 2012.We’re looking forward to expanding our product offering to other vertical medical markets.

Bethany Welch: Accounting Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

ENT 337: Family Business Fall 2012

Company: Welch Guitars

Welch Guitars delivers quality guitars to hometown musicians at a great price!

This class [ENT 337] helped me to implement boundaries between my family life and my family business.

Samantha Miller: Entrepreneurship Major, December 2017 Graduate